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A birthday salute to the Middle East’s beacon of liberty and democracy

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Long life and happy birthday to the only democracy in the Middle East.

Raphael Enthoven © PM

Long life and happy birthday to the only democracy in the Middle East, which some beautiful souls would prevent from singing, defending itself, exchanging knowledge, or participating in the Olympics.

Long live the state that dares to be compared to Russia, and that is accused of "genocide" when it responds to a pogrom with war.Long live the state of law where everyone can live, love, pray, protest, criticize, and demonstrate as they see fit.

Long live the nightmare of the mullahs.

Long live the state that remains a democracy even when it is poorly governed, long live the wounded state that would disappear if it gave up,

Long live the only state in the world where Eden Golan can walk down the street.

Long life and good health to the state accused of "Apartheid," yet it is the only state in the region where Arabs can criticize their government and display their sexual orientation without going to prison (or being thrown from a building).

By Raphael Enthoven

The author is a French philosophy teacher who also serves as a radio and television host




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