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Gemayel on Hezbollah's tactics: Weakness of arguments and logic of cancellation

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The leader of the Kataeb Party, MP Samy Gemayel, confirmed to the Kuwaiti newspaper "Al-Seyassah" that the threats he receives are public and traceable, and their source can be identified.

Samy Gemayel © Mena Today 

The leader of the Kataeb Party, MP Samy Gemayel, confirmed to the Kuwaiti newspaper "Al-Seyassah" that the threats he receives are public and traceable, and their source can be identified.

He stated that these threats are clear in their source, not hidden, noting that they are accustomed to such matters and "deal with a cancellation team that uses violence as a means in politics to eliminate others."

He emphasized that "Hezbollah resorts to threatening sovereign figures because its argument is weak, and when a person's argument is weak, they resort to the logic of cancellation, which is the weapon of the weak.

Gemayel pointed out that the possibility of the return of assassinations exists, citing the assassination of Lokman Slim over two years ago, indicating that assassinations have not stopped.

He stated that Hezbollah is obstructing the presidential process because it couldn't impose its candidate, and it will continue to obstruct as long as there is opposition from the parliament to its candidate, similar to what happened with Michel Aoun.

Gemayel argued that the presidential process remains obstructed until the Lebanese are subjected to Hezbollah's will, hoping that no one will succumb to this will.

Moreover, he mentioned that Lebanon has seen the price it paid for such a submission, hoping it will not happen again.

He added that the opposition is cohesive on this matter, with no intention of backing down, and no one succumbs to the imposition logic practiced by Hezbollah.

In response to a question, Gemayel stated, "We reject the election of Sleiman Frangieh because he does not represent our political line and is an ally of Hezbollah. His arrival would mean that the latter would impose control over the presidency, turning the state and presidency into a front to defend its weapons and performance."

He continued: "Therefore, we do not want the Lebanese state to be a shield for Hezbollah to use in fortifying itself at the expense of the state, law, and constitution."

In addition, he considered the possibility of Hezbollah dragging Lebanon into an open war with Israel as possible, but at present, this intention does not exist within the party due to other considerations.

Hezbollah does not want to jeopardize its military, social, and political system, and it does not want to sacrifice the position of strength it has built-in Lebanon for the sake of Gaza.

He noted that there is an attempt by Iran to isolate Lebanon from its Arab surroundings, allowing Tehran to control it more through Hezbollah, and they are trying to resist this plan.

Gemayel emphasized that Lebanon has historical relationships with all Arab countries, and some friendships have lasted for decades, and Lebanon should not abandon them. The Arabs, too, should not abandon Lebanon because, in the past, it has been the refuge and meeting place for all Arab peoples.

Gemayel said: " Lebanon is where they express their opinions and engage in dialogue." Therefore, he believes no one should sacrifice this tormented homeland that needs its friends and support.

He mentioned, "We had previously warned against a deal at the expense of Lebanon, expressing concern that during the dialogue between Hezbollah and Israel, an agreement might be reached at the expense of Lebanese sovereignty."

"Hezbollah could take Lebanon as a prize for its withdrawal from the south, securing Israel's safety. This is what we fear and caution the entire world about because, if it happens, Lebanon, which has always been a beacon for the Arab world, would be sacrificed," he continued.

LBC, Beirut 




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