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A potential turning point: Hamas surrender could bring relief to Gaza

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The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip has resulted in immense suffering, loss of life, and destruction.

Antoine Boutros © Mena Today 

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip has resulted in immense suffering, loss of life, and destruction.

While the situation remains complex, there is a glimmer of hope that a Hamas surrender could lead to a significant reduction in hostilities and pave the way for much-needed relief in Gaza.

A surrender that involves the release of all hostages

Gaza has been grappling with a humanitarian crisis for years, with millions of Palestinians enduring dire living conditions. The recent escalation of violence has only exacerbated the situation, leaving thousands homeless, injured, or killed.

Basic necessities like food, clean water, and medical supplies are in short supply, and the people of Gaza are in desperate need of assistance.

Hamas, labeled as a terrorist organization by many nations, has played a central role in the conflict.

While it claims to fight for Palestinian rights, its actions have often led to further suffering for Gaza's residents.

Hamas's rocket attacks on Israeli cities have drawn retaliatory airstrikes, resulting in civilian casualties and infrastructure damage in Gaza. The massacre of 1,200 Israeli civilians on October 7th served as a trigger for the military offensive.

The international community has been calling for an immediate ceasefire and a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Hamas's surrender could be a crucial step toward achieving these goals.

Amidst the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, the notion of Hamas surrendering seems highly improbable.

The leadership of terrorist organization has consistently pursued a scorched-earth policy and committed civilian massacres.

Iran has been a prominent supporter of Hamas for an extended period.

Through financial backing, weaponry, and political support, Tehran has empowered Hamas to continue its aggressive stance against Israel. It is essential to note that Iran's regional objectives often conflict with broader peace initiatives, making a Hamas surrender less likely.

Qatar, too, has played a significant role in supporting the organization. Its financial contributions and diplomatic efforts have bolstered Hamas's position. Qatar's interests in the region, including its rivalry with neighboring states, have complicated the prospects of a peaceful resolution.

It is therefore up to the privileged intermediaries of Hamas to convince its leaders that the best solution is to lay down their arms and release the hostages.

The future of the Gaza population and a viable Palestinian state depends on it.

By Antoine Boutros 

The writer is a Lebanese journalist




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